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Our borewell drilling area in Madurai city and rural area only. We are used only well experienced driller for bore well drilling. Our borewell drilling size is 6 ½” bore, 5” bore, 4 ¾” bore, and 4 ½” rebore.
6 ½” bore well only for agriculture and commercial purpose. Its only open land. We are already many more drilling of 6 ½” bore well in Dinathanthi office, Thangamayil Jewellery, Dolphin School, department work and extra. Its maximum depth 5” and 4 ¾” bore well drilling size 1200 feet's only for home purpose only. Its maximum depth is 800 feet's and 600 feet two type of vehicle used for this drilling. One is tractor used for this drilling rig and another one is bet type bore well drilling rigs. Tractor mounting rig drilling only open plots but bet bet type mounting rigs drilling all type of places for example to the existing home. 4 ½” size borewell drilling only for rebore purpose only. We are doing best in the bore between the bore that we had twenty years ago.
Madurai BoreWell Company is delighted to serve people in the last forty-four years. We are currently using new robot model bore well drilling machines using borewell drilling. We are honored to introduce you to the technology changes every year now we are putting bore with the new sensor borewell drilling machine to put in 6” bore.

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Old borewells Cleaning Will Be Done 4" to 12 Bores

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